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Efficiency Booster

Everything you ever want to know about Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project.

What Is The Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project?

Efficiency Booster project is a library of own written PowerShell CmdLets organized in several modules primarily useful in a multi-server environment to accomplish different IT tasks.

For example, to get different hardware, OS and software information about servers that you maintain, to read Windows Event Logs, to restart the servers, to stop and start certain windows services across your servers, write Excel results, Send emails with attached files and much more.

Where To Find The Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project files

Download the zip file here.

Modules And CmdLets In Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project

How To Install Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project?

Please read How To Install And Configure PowerShell: CmdLets, Modules, Profiles article that will give you step by step installation instructions and more.

How To Customize Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project