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About Dejan Mladenović

Dejan Mladenović is an IT expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field of:


In my long IT career, I have held many different positions that helped me to have a comprehensive view of the software as a product and solution from the perspective of the developer, consultant, end-user, etc.

While I was working in Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in North Caroline as Steward I was thinking that although in a few months I will hold a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering due to the bad economy in the Automotive Industry I should invest my time and money in booming IT sector. I consider myself a Commodore 64 generation and liked computers since then so switching from engineering to IT was not such a bad idea after all.

After I got my M.Sc. diploma I took several Microsoft courses in order to get certificates so I can start my IT adventure. Please read below my Microsoft Transcript.

Here is the list of positions that I held and companies that I have worked for:

  • Position: Senior Technical Consultant – Agresso Operation (5 years)
    Company: EVRY ASA, Oslo, Norway
  • Position: Technical System Analyst (3 years)
    Company: Unit4 Agresso R&D, Oslo, Norway
  • Position: Programmer of ERP solution (2 years)
    Company: Informatika AD, Belgrade, Serbia

I am really proud that I had a chance to work on the biggest Agresso installation (both Financial and HR solutions) in Norway at the City of Oslo.

Personally, I like to automate the processes as much as I can in order to avoid boring and repetitive tasks that are prone to human errors. A huge part of this website is about the Efficiency Booster PowerShell Project which is a library of PowerShell CmdLets that I have extensively used in my everyday IT tasks to be extremely efficient.


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

To check my Microsoft Transcript please follow this link

  • Transcript ID: 750479
  • Access Code: DejanMladenovic


I live in the capital of Norway, Oslo, with my wife, Biljana, and my son Matija whom we spend all our time.

When I do not create the website content I like to travel with my family. We have been to many countries mostly in Europe even to the small ones like Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. I have been fortunate enough not just to visit many countries but to live and work in five different countries: Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, the USA, and Norway.

I believe that my destiny to experience different cultures was sealed with my birth. As a month-old baby, I traveled for the very first time with my mother from Yugoslavia where I was born to Austria where my parents worked. My first passport was my photo in my mother’s passport since I was too young to have my own passport.

A multicultural environment comes usually with different languages and I like to learn them in order to better communicate with people, I speak several languages: Serbian, Croatian, English, Norwegian, and I used to speak Esperanto but not anymore. I would love to learn Spanish as my next language and maybe French.

Many people live their whole lives at the same address and nothing wrong with that but I have lived for one period of my life in the same street and the same city but different country, not so many people can experience that. First I lived in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia then I “moved to” the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia next I “rented” Serbia and Montenegro and finally finished in Serbia.

That’s me!

FREE eBook – The Most USEFUL PowerShell CmdLets and more…

FREE eBook - The Most USEFUL PowerShell CmdLets and more...
FREE eBook – The Most USEFUL PowerShell CmdLets and more…

In this Free eBook, I have listed about 86 examples of different PowerShell CmdLets, Functions, and Commands that were very useful for me and I would like to share them with the PowerShell community.

The second part of this eBook is the list of help ( about ) topics that I would recommend to everyone to read in order to get comprehensive knowledge about PowerShell.